March 2020 ArtNight – Ariyan Johnson Receives Grant from the City of Pasadena

Ariyan Johnson received the grant from Pasadena Cultural Affairs and Commission for the March 2020 ArtNight concerning her interactive work – an African Diaspora theatrical presentation.

The program utilizes an applied theatre integrated arts approach of story-telling, where the audience engages through culture and community defined and redefine within its identities, evolution and purpose by exploring drama, art, movement/dance, poetry and music. This programming is interdisciplinary containing performances within the African Diaspora. This performance will include spoken word, song, African drumming and an African dance which will also be interactive. A long this African Diaspora theatrical journey in performances, there will be stops in Brazil with the Samba, a salute to modern dance legends like Katherine Dunham then ending with a nod to hip hop in all its elements (Disc Jockey-DJ, Master of Ceremonies-MC, Graffiti and B-Boy/B-Girls).
*Please stay tuned for the next ArtNight where you can experience this performance.